Lip Products in my Bag

Hey guys! I’m here today with a post about a makeup product that has been a staple for many women – for millions of years (such as the Egyptians)! I’m talking about lipstick. Well, actually lip products, as we are fortunate enough to have different varieties and versions of lipstick. You can choose whichever finish you prefer – whether it be matte or glossy, dry or moisturising.

We all know that our lipsticks always seem to disappear in our handbags. Whenever we go for a night out, we bring our lip colour along with us for touch-ups, but then forget to take it out and put it back! This is how our bags accumulate lipsticks so quickly!

I have decided to clean out my bag, and surprise, surprise, I found more lip products than I should ever need in one day, wedged inside various pockets and compartments.

The first lip product I came across was the MAC lip liner in “Chickory”, which I wore as a lipstick to a dinner the other day. It is a deep, brown-y red and has a semi-matte finish. It is very comfortable on the lips. 

Next up is my Covergirl lipgloss in “”, which I bought not too long ago. I was looking for a light gloss to wear on it’s own or over a lipstick. This gloss has a sweet scent, but it disappears after you have applied it. There are tiny particles of glitter in it, but it isn’t too noticeable – it just helps make your lips look plumper. It is a light beige with a slight pink to it. 

My NYX Butter Gloss in Madeline is one of my favourite glosses. It is the perfect nude-beige. The sweet scent isn’t overpowering, but if smells do bother you, it isn’t noticeable after application. 

One of my favourite lipsticks is one I bought a couple of years ago from a limited edition Napoleon Perdis trio. I can’t remember what the name of the product was (as the writing has rubbed off due to how much I have used it!) but the colour is in “Sigrid”. It is the perfect brown-pink and is just so easy to apply in a pinch without a mirror. 

Last of all is my Maybelline Baby Lips Loves Colour in the shade “Berry Crush”. I bought it at the start of January and I found that it is the perfect tinted lip balm for Summer. It gives a nice hint of colour and hydration to the lips. 
As always, I hoped you enjoyed reading!

Love, Chloe X
(P.S. I apologise for the poor photo quality – my camera was out of charge)



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