Beauty Trends of 2016

Hey guys! I know that this may be a little late but I thought that this would be a fun blog post. Today, I’m going to recap on all of the crazy trends that the beauty world experienced last year (with a little exaggeration) – from Instagram makeup to rainbow highlight!

First of all, eyebrows reigned supremacy. Thick, defined brows were all the craze. Products like brow pomades and gels were selling like crazy.

After brows was the desire for sharper cheekbones. Contouring was child’s-play. Baking was the go-to! Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder flew off the shelves.

Glowy skin, wet skin, dewy skin, sweaty skin – whatever you call it, highlighter is a step that we cannot skip. People wanted their cheekbones to be blinding. Champagne Pop by Jaclyn Hill x Becca Cosmetics and Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit were major players in the glow game.

Following the highlighter trend, we decided that normal, golden/peachy highlighters weren’t exciting enough – so that is where colourful highlighters come into play. There were rainbow highlight on Etsy and highlighters with a colourful tint to it under certain lights.

Setting sprays were also all the rage. Makeup lovers were drenching their faces in mist to get that glowy look, to set their hard work or to intensity their highlight even more!

Matte lips were everywhere – especially in the form of liquid lipsticks! Nearly every brand released a form of this lip product.

Along the lip product trend, Kylie Jenner brought back the 90s lip colours, such as dark browns and muted pinks. It was seen everywhere – from the runways to the streets!

Finally, Instagram “Baddie” Makeup was major, which combines all of the above trends. It was all about looking perfect in a selfie.


I hope you enjoyed revisiting the beauty trends of 2016 – I am so excited for what 2017 will bring.
[Stay tuned for a blog post on how I want to branch out in 2017 beauty-wise!]

Love, Chloe X


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